Aug 03

We told you about two days ago, which is a website that can jailbreak any iDevice remotely, simple by sliding the “slide to jailbreak” button. So why not use it to have a little bit of fun in the Apple Store, well Mk321024 was thinking the same and decided to go to the Apple Store and jailbreak the Apple Store display iPhone. Take a look at the video above.

Jul 18

The Apple press conference at 16 July started with a nice little song called “The iPhone Antenna Song”. It shows Apples “and maybe even Steve Jobs” humoristic site, its about the iPhone 4 antenna problems and what to do about it. Just take a look at the movie after the break. » The iPhone Antenna Song

Jul 01

Three days ago I showed you a movie about the iPhone 4 which was shot with a .50 Cal Sniper. Well after they shot the iPhone 4 “and the iPad” with a sniper, “weird enough” they couldn’t sync the iDevices with iTunes anymore. So what do you do, go to the Apple store and ask for a refund.

Jun 28

We just showed you what a blender can do with your iPhone 4, but trust me there are countless ways to destroy your iPhone 4. You can put your iPhone 4 in your microwave for example, or if you think that’s to simple why not shoot on it with a .50 Cal Sniper. Well some guys already did and the result can be seen in the movie above or after the break. » More Ways To Destroy Your iPhone 4!

Jun 27

You knew it was coming… every time a new Apple product is introduced BlendTec will create a new commercial for their powerful blenders. This time its the iPhone 4 that needs to suffer. You can also check out the iPad version here.

Jun 10

Some “Dudes who like porn” don’t like the way Steve Jobs doesn’t allow Flash on the iPad so porn movies cant be played on the iPad. Because of this the “Dudes who like porn” decided to make fun of Steve at the WWDC10 two days ago. They sent Steve an email and made some minor changes on the iPad signs outside the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2010. Email and pictures after the break. » Porn iPad Prank At WWDC10

Jun 04

British Airways has made a painful mistake in a magazine about a new service allowing passengers to download paperless boarding passes to their iPhones. British Airways used Bin Laden who is flying first class to Washington in the example boarding pass. Osama Bin Laden is of course the worst name you could use in a magazine ad about airplanes. This ad is definitely made by someone with a bad sense of humor. » Bin Laden Owns An iPhone?

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