Jan 26

DistinctDev announces the cross-platform expansion for their highly-acclaimed title, The Moron Test, in the first half of 2011. iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Intel App-Up, and Mac App Store users will be able to access the same challenging variety of hilarious content that has already been enjoyed by more than seven million iPhone, Android, and Nokia users. The Moron Test’s addictive challenges test players’ intellect and acuity as they navigate seemingly simple problems that require creative thinking to solve. » The Moron Test: Is Coming To Five New Platforms in Early 2011

Jan 23

Angry Birds isn’t just a game anymore it’s almost an obsession for some people, they even eat Angry Birds these days. Take a look at the birthday cake of Adam Riggins who recently turned 31. His girlfriend decided to make this amazing Angry Births cake. “My wonderful girlfriend Melanie made this by hand. How awesome is that?!  Not to mention it was a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cake on the inside…  She’s a keeper.”

Jan 20

McFly informed us that he will release iPhoDroid R14 later this month. iPhoDroid transfers all the files necessary to run Android on your iPhone. This latest version comes with a Full Reset feature that will completely erase your iPhone, why we need this Full Reset feature we don’t know, maybe McFly will explain to us later. » iPhoDroid R14 To Be Released This Month [jailbreak]

Jan 18

Angry Birds is unbelievable popular “for some even too popular”, but the fact is a lot of people just love these creatures. This is why a lot of creative Angry Birds fans “such as Tsang Yiu Keung” create beautiful items, to show of there love for this little game. He said “These are my latest creations and hope that you would like the LEGO version of “Angry Birds”.
I love the game very much and I would like to built them with my bricks.”. » Fan Made Angry Birds LEGO Army!

Jan 14

Spotify made an announcement that Spotify is now available for Shazam’s premium Apps on iPhone, iPod touch – including (SHAZAM)RED – and Android. “Just tap the new “Play in Spotify” feature to go direct from Shazam to our Spotify Mobile app where you can immediately listen to the full track and explore more music from the tagged artist.”. » Spotify Integrated Into Shazam’s Premium Apps

Jan 12

Ever wondered how art will look like if it was created by Apple or Steve Jobs him self. Well French artist Leo Calliard created some paint art, that Steve Jobs will love. His images overlay navigation elements from iTunes, iOS and Mac OS X onto famous images from the Louvre museum. » Apple Art By Leo Caillard!

Jan 09

Remember GeoHot? Of course you do, he is the well known iPhone jailbreaker/hacker that created tools such as Blackra1n. He also told a long time ago that he is working on a jailbreak for the PS3. This jailbreak allows you to install and run homebrew packages. » GeoHot Released Jailbreak For PS3!

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