Jul 30

The Italian design company “ciccaresedesign” designed a mockup of a possible new iPhone design, called the iPhone Air. The iPhone Air is inspired by the Macbook Air that is also getting thinner along its way down. The screen is also bigger then it used to be. What do you guys think, will you buy the new iPhone if it looks like this? After the break are more pictures. » iPhone Air: Will This Be The Next Gen iPhone Design? [Mockup]

Jul 28

This infographic is an exploration (created by androidtabletfanatic) of mobile Internet cost around the globe (2 GB a month) which also takes into account the type of data network deployed by each country. This information allows the reader to come up with their own opinions about which country offers a better deal by using both cost and quality as indicators. Check the full infographic after the break. » The Cost Of Mobile Internet Around The World [Infographic]

Jul 26

android-infograph-live 1
xcubelabs has created a new inforgraphic, this time not about the iPhone, but about the competition. The Android Story. In this inforgraphic they show us the Worldwide Andoird Market Share. Check the infographic after the break. » The Android Story: New Infographic By xcubelabs [infographic]

Jul 22

This is an interesting infographic that shows the ups and downs of Apples fortunes in the context of its relationship with CEO Steve Jobs. It is unsurprising to see that the company stocks have closely mirrored Jobs health woes and periods spent away from the company, but regardless, the trend is still up and up. With the new Apple University initiative being undertaken at the company, Jobs is making it clear that he wants his vision to continue to guide the company long after he is gone. Check out the full inforgraphic after the break. » How Will Apple Succeed With & Without Steve Jobs? [Infographic]

Jul 22

4Media iPod Max Platinum is a video converter and iPod manager, in one “easy to use” package. 4Media iPod Max Platinum is a iTunes alternative that actually includes more function than iTunes. This includes features such as the abillity to rip CD/DVD to iPod music/movies and move them to your iDevices directly, Convert audio/video files to iPod compatible music/movies in high speed which includes online videos for iPod from the most popular online video websites such as youtube. It also comes with a build in iPhone ringtone maker, which enables you to make ringtones from audio/video files and has a very easy to use photo manager. » 4Media iPod Max Platinum [Review]

Jul 21

Apple released iTunes 10.4 which brings support for some of the new features in Mac OS X Lion and a number of important stability and performance improvements. iTunes 10.4 now works with Lions new Full-Screen App feature allowing the app to be placed in its own full-screen window. Version 10.4 is also now a 64-bit Cocoa application on OS X Lion, and the release notes indicate that this may render some plug-ins no longer compatible. » Apple Released iTunes 10.4 For Mac & Windows

Jul 19

Appleinsider reported that after slipping out of a skydiver his pocket, one of Apples iPhone 4 units survived a 13.500-foot drop and can still make and receive calls. Jarrod McKinney said he was in such a rush to “get out the door” of the plane on a recent skydiving trip that he forgot to secure his iPhone 4, CNN reports. “I just knew it was gone. Falling from that height? (What are) the chances of you finding something like that or even knowing where to look?” he said. » iPhone 4 Survives 13,500-Foot Fall From Skydiver Pocket

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