Jun 08

For all those people from all around the world it can be handy to know what time the WWDC keynote starts at your local time. So below is a list that covers most areas in the world.

» Start Timing Of WWDC 2009 On June 8th

Jun 07

smile1This is funny. Made me laugh. It is a sort of an iPhone Bingo list. It’s the size of an iPhone screen devided in squares. In each square there is a rumor. You could use this during the keynote tomorrow. Every rumor that becomes a fact can be selected. At the end of the keynote you can see how many of the rumors were true.

The link is here: iPhone Bingo.

Jun 02

commercialA beautiful commercial for the next generation iPhone. This version will be released in June 2025 and is connected with your brains so you can control the actions with your thoughts. Ofcourse this is not real but fun non the less. The commercial is made by a Canadian company, but the name of the company is unknown. Just watch. The future is near.

» Amazing Commercial Of New (Future) iPhone

Jun 02


Apple has released the next version of iTunes and Quicktime. The updates can be downloaded via the software update. iTunes 8.2 now supports OS 3.0 software.

» iTunes 8.2 And Quicktime 7.6.2 Released

May 29

zune_hd_engadgetZune HD, the competitor of the iPod, will soon be released. From the looks of it, it really is built to knock the iPod from its throne. But will it happen? Gizmodo got their hands on this touchable mp3 device and posted a video.

» Zune HD Demo

May 27

The title of this post says it all actually. With the WWDC only less then 2 weeks away, everbody’s excitement is growing. Besides the OS 3.0 and OSX Snow Leopard, everybody’s waiting for the new iPhone. Several names have been shown up on the internet. The iPhone 3G, iPhone 3,5G, iPhone 4G and the iPhone Nano.

What we like to know is, what name would you like to give to the new iPhone? WE like iPhone ’09. It is simple and logical. But maybe you have a much more amazing or beautiful name. If so, please tell us.

May 12

office2010Microsoft hints at Zune Phone?

Rumors are buzzing all over since Official MS Office2010 team’s Twitter has announced [likely] Zune Phone.
» Zune Phone rumor

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