Jul 31

230822-img_3909_425Back in May, an image of an “Apple iPhone 3Gen 2009” bezel appeared on Chinese parts supplier websites. This led many to believe that the new iPhone would adopt a slightly different design with a higher earpiece. As it turns out, it appears the part was real but mislabeled.

» iPhone Case Seems To Be For Creative’s Zii Egg

Jul 28

This article, from MacRumors, makes you wonder about the much rumored upcoming Mac Tablet. » Mac Tablet Should Have Killer Features

Jul 24


Are you searching for ringtones and/or wallpapers, search no longer. We have the perfect link for you. Ringostation has over 750.000 ringtones and more than 10.000 wallpapers ready to be downloaded to your iPhone. This is the most complete ringtone and wallpaper database you can find on the web.

» Ringostation: The Best Ringtones And Wallpapers

Jul 18

apple-iphone-3gs-vs-nokia-97-250x197In the end of 2008 Nokia anounced the N97 as a phone that could compete with the iPhone.

Michael Sherlock has the iPhone 3GS and the Nokia N97 and he has made a comparison of these 2 phones and created a video about it.

The N97 has some nice widgets and has a  5 megapixel camera with a Zeiss-lens, but i think iPhone 3GS beats the Nokia N97 easily.
The iPhone is a lot faster, and the interface is still a lot better.
Let us know what u think, is Nokia comming close?

Hit the break to see the video.

» Nokia N97 vs iPhone 3GS

Jul 12

apple-app-storeThere are countless applications for the iPhone, a lot of them you will never use.
But still there are some applications we would like to see on the iPhone that are not available yet.

Personally I would like to see Flash for the iPhone and Ipod so we can open all websites on the internet, and we can stream movies from the internet.
Also I am looking for LimeWire or an application that looks like LimeWire.

Just let us know what applications u are still waiting for.

» Are There Still Applications Missing?

Jul 07

mythbustersAdam Savage co-host of Mythbusters has recently traveled to Canada with his iPhone.

He used his iPhone to do a little web surfing. When he get home he get a bill from AT&T.

AT&T wants somewhere around $11,000 for a view hours of web surfing. They even turned his phone of till he pays.

» Adam Savage $11,000 iPhone Bill

Jul 04

applestoresurveillanceIn the morning of Friday July 3rd, in Virginia at the Apple Store, a 26 year old female employee was shot. The shooter is still on the run. She is in the hospital and police say she’s in a “serious but stable condition”. The shooter was unknown to the victim and his motive is also unclear. ABC 7 News reports about the crime scene. » Update: Employee Shot In Virginia Apple Store

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