Feb 05

openttd-128ZodTTD is up to it again. After releasing all of the popular emulators, he finished another jewel. This time he ported Transport Tycoon Deluxe to the iPhone and iPod Touch. For the people who don’t know the game, it’ s a game by the maker of Rollercoaster Tycoon, Chris Sawyer, and is similar in feel to SimCity. It has great graphics, a huge community/following, and has trains. It’s basically a SimCity clone but open source.
» Cydia – OpenTTD (Transport Tycoon Deluxe iPhone)

Jan 23

ss5Adv Lock is a app from Cydia that basically locks Chosen apps from being open with out a password. This is good for when you have siblings or children that like to play with your iPhone or iPod Touch, and you don’t want them getting into your Hacked apps, imagine what can happen if they messed around with Cydia. Also you can pass code lock your SIM for security if anything was taken. (Don’t ask about the Sim lock, i don’t know Much about it) I really use this app with my Cydia, sometimes i accidentally click on it, and it takes a while to load, just to click out of it! LOL. More Pictures inside!!! » Cydia – mAdvLock

Jan 22

clock-256x256LiveTime is an awesome Mod for any (Jailbroken) iPhone and iPod Touch. Just like the iCal app on your device shows the current date, LiveTIme will show the current time on your home page. Screenshots inside! When you get this mod you will notice that every Default clock icon automatically shows a certain time, so this mod would just overlap it, So you have to use Winterboard to make the icon Blank. » Cydia – LiveTime

Jan 21

photo8Clippy Beta is the BEST Copy & Paste App ever! Its not really an app, but when you install it it resprings and you get it, that easy! Now whenever your in a web page you can copy the link, and paste it into a Mail or IM session. Now you can’t copy info on a page, but that i hope is to come, but you can now copy links and mail them to friends, or put them into a Note Document. Whatever you decide to do, its worth it. Check it out in Cydia :) its FREE what do you have to loose!? » Clippy Beta – Better Copy N Paste

Jan 10

Have you ever been in the middle of a App/Web page, and needed to “Quickly” take notes? Well, now you can! With the Fast Notes Widget for SBSettings. (As shown in the picture) All you need is Cydia and the SBSetting app. Click HERE to view a video Tutorial on how to get SBSettings. Now that you have SBSettings, how do you get the Fast Notes Widget? First, Go to Cydia, and Go to the Search tab. Now, Type in “Fast Notes” and click on it. Assuming you know how to use Cydia, Install it. Its that easy! Now when your in a App/Web page and you NEED to remember something, you have no time to leave the, Use this Widget! » Cydia – Fast Notes (SBSettings)

Jan 06

Everyone knows the famous game from App Store called Tap Tap Revenge right? Well, remember back in 1.1.x when a Skin was released for Tap Tap Revolution? In Cydia you can get the 2.x Guitar Hero skin for Tap Tap Revenge! It is awesome!! they have the menus in the same way, but they look like GH! You should try it for yourself, theres NOTHING to lose because its free! Pictures inside!!! » Cydia – Guitar Hero Skin for TTR

Jan 05

Don’t you hate it when people ask to see your iPhone, even though they’ve played with it Hundreds of times before? Well, theres a solution to that! As you can tell from the picture to the right There is an App from Cydia that simulates a Cracked screen on a iPhone/iPod Touch. It uses a screenshot that you choose, all the Victim has to do is touch the screen and the iPhone goes bizerk! WARNING: i am NOT responsible if you use this on your Grandparents, and you give them a heart attack!!! More pictures inside! » Cydia – Cracked

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