Oct 06

Code-Line released their first iPhone application in the Apple App Store. Color Expert contains powerful tools to help artists and designers identify, translate, capture and showcase color using their iPhone or iPod touch. Color Expert features an intuitive, interactive color wheel to identify a target color, and then finds several palettes backed by color theory. Designers, artists, decorators, and anyone who works with color will find this program indispensable.
» App Store – Color Expert

Oct 06

1112 is a upcoming interactive adventure game for the iPhone by Agharta Studio. The game promises to be a interactive adventure that will have a deep and rich story full of surprises and twists. The game will be delivered in a series of six episodes. The first episode is expected in the App Store “soon”.
» App Store – 1112 interactive adventure coming to iPhone

Oct 06

Our habit has become to inform you about any App Store deal that we find. Today i have 3 items with lower prices. A puzzle game called Numba, Freeverse Moto Chaser and Rock’n’roll a 2 shooter.
» App Store Deals pt 234324234234234

Oct 06

Freeverse the developer of Wingnuts moto chaser and other games like Flick Bowling is ready to release yet another game in the App Store. Plank is a accelerometer based puzzle game that shoul pop-up in the App Store realy next week. Why another puzzle game? Well Plank is a little bit different than all the other iPhone games we have already seen in the App Store.
» App Store – Freeverse upcoming Puzzle Game: Plank

Oct 06

Only 2 days after the release of Fring, there is already a hack available that allows you to make free calls via the 3G network. Fring has been allowed to the App Store under condition that you can just use it to make phone calls via WiFi networks. But on the Fring forum you can already find the instructions on how to perform the hack.
» Fring hack: Free Skype calls via 3G/Edge

Oct 05

The web administrator from the website geocaching.com submitted the first geocaching application for the iPhone to Apple. Depending on how quickly they get around to reviewing the application, we should see it in the App Store within two weeks. The cost of the application is $9.99 and has the functionality you need to look up and seek out caches using the networking and location-based features of the iPhone 3G. It also works with the iPod Touch and First Generation iPhone, though you will need WiFi for the Touch, and the compass won’t work on the first generation iPhone (naturally).
» App Store – Geocaching

Oct 04

This is a cool game I picked up from the App Store. It’s a turn-based strategy game, reminiscent of Advanced Wars and Fire Emblem.

The game starts out with you as a squire. You lead your army through a series of missions, trying to conquer the areas using your army. Every mission you win provides you with new units and artifacts which can be spent to upgrade your army.

Each area has three missions, and three raids. Once you beat all three missions, that particular area is conquered. You earn the ability to play the raids after you have beaten the corresponding mission. So when you beat Mission 1 of an area you unlock Raid 1. Each raid provides you with another scenario in which to fight. The benefit of raids are that once you beat them, you gain a certain number of artifacts which are listed on the raid’s page.
» App Store- Reign of Swords

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