Sep 22

firmware 3.1It seems more and more people have trouble with the latest version of the iPhone firmware. Since the upgrade to OS 3.1 there’s an increased chance to find your iPhone in a state of “coma”.

» Firmware 3.1 Causes iPhone To Go Into A “Coma”

Sep 22

Macsimum News reports that Apple has moved 4 four places up in the ‘Best Global Brands’ list. The top three has Coca Cola, IBM and Microsoft as the best brands. But from the 24th place comes Apple and climbs up to the 20th place. With a 12% growth in brand value it is the second best growing company with Google on the first place with 25%. Interbrand pegged Apple’s “brand” at a value of $US15.4 billion.

» Apple Is In Top 20 Best Brand List

Sep 22

appstore-40000“There’s an app for that” returns with three new ads. They are called Dine, Nature and Pass and show several apps selected from the 75,000 apps in the App Store so far.

» Three New Apple Ads: “Dine, Nature and Pass”

Sep 20
palo_alto_appleIn a note to all developers Apple announced a new way to help developers to develop their application. » Apple Introduced The “App Store Resource Center”
Sep 19

MacWorld performed a speedtest between the iPod touch 2G and the iPod touch 3G. It appears that the 3G is almost twice as fast, according to the table they made.

» Speedtest: iPod Touch 2G Versus iPod Touch 3G

Sep 18

steve_jobs2The video below shows you the importance of using positive words like “great, incredible, amazing, remarkable, easy, unbelievable” etc. It is a strategy you can use to improve the positive reactions of your audience. This is why every keynote presentation seems to be the best. That’s why Apple get such amazing, great, incredible and unbelievable reactions from their audience.

» Apple Is Great, Amazing, Remarkable, Incredible, Just Great

Sep 17


Apple placed a new video on their website. It shows the possibilities of an iPhone 3GS for people with a handicap. The subject is accessibility. The video shows VoiceOver functionality with navigation, mail, and Internet.

» Apple Posted iPhone 3GS Accessibility Video

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