May 01

Brian J. HoganThe guy that found the iPhone “4G” prototype in a bar has been found. Brian J. Hogan ”21” resident of Redwood City, California has been found by Wired by following clues on social network sites. Brian J. Hogan has been paid $5000 by Gizmodo allowing the site exclusive access to review the phone. He regrets not doing more to return the device to its owner » iPhone Prototype Finder Found

Apr 30

Apple is launching the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G in the US today and the retail stores will be closed between 4pm and 5pm to get ready for you. It looks like Apple is expecting long lines, even though one version of the iPad has already been launched. Apple has sold 300.000 units of the Wi-Fi version on the first day only, will the Wi-Fi + 3G also be a success? Tell us if you will be waiting in line to get your 3G iPad.

Apr 29

has created a FlowChart that shows the confusing case around the Gizmodo Prototype iPhone. Its up to you what you believe is true and where you end up, FastCompany included everything that’s known about this story and it looks like you can end up everywhere without being wrong. It’s a complicated case. Tell us where you end up. » The Gizmodo iPhone Saga!

Apr 29

wwdc 2010
Apple has finally released the date of the upcoming “Worldwide Developers Conference” WWDC. On this date its most likely Apple will announce the 4th gen iPhone, and as always they will talk about software and technologies about other Apple products. » WWDC 2010 Announced!

Apr 28

iPhone 4G prototypeJason Chen is a Gizmodo editor and the guy who bought the found iPhone Prototype. They also gave the iPhone Prototype back to Apple when they asked for it. A little later Apple spoke to the police to investigate this case and now they searched Jason Chens house. When Jason came back home last Friday he noticed something weird, the police entered his home without him present. » Police Searched House Of Gizmodo Editor Jason Chen

Apr 25

The 4th gen iPhone prototype is not the only prototype device that showed up these days, two prototype iPod touch devices where temporarily available for sale on Ebay. These prototypes called “DVT-1 and DVT-2, (Apple Development Team)” showing a camera that supposed to be in the iPod touch G3, but has been pulled out at the last moment. It is also running some sort of ’switchboard’ OS window. Unfortunately it has already been removed from ebay. Photo Gallery after the break. » iPod Touch “Prototype” With Camera Showed Up On Ebay

Apr 24

iphone 4g prototype
The story about the iPhone Prototype in the hands of Gizmodo isn’t over yet. Apple has spoken to local police about the incident and has been passed to the crime task force led by the Santa Clara County district attorney’s office. Its not sure if Apple started this investigation agains Gizmodo, its source who reportedly found the iPhone in a bar, or both. But it could end up pretty bad for Gizmodo. Apple as well as Gizmodo didn’t comment on this story yet. » Police Investigating iPhone Prototype Incident

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