Dec 14

Just like last year, Apple will have “12 Days of Christmas”. This is a 12 days calendar that will give us “iPhone users” a gift everyday from 26 December till 6 January. The gift can be anything, from Music till Applications. “This Christmas season, you and your friends can download a fantastic selection of songs, music videos, apps, books, TV episodes and a film for free on iTunes. Each free download will only be available for 24 hours.”. » iTunes 12 Days of Christmas: Free Gifts From Apple

Dec 13

Apple has disabled a jailbreak detection API, but no one knows why. Apple did this without any explanation. This jailbreak detection API could see if your iDevice is modified or not, and disables the feature to sync with iTunes. This can mean two thinks. One, Apple finally surrendered and let jailbreakers do his thing “but that’s very unlikely”, or Apple found an other way to stop people from jailbreaking their iDevice. We don’t have more information yet but will let you know when we do. » Apple Disabled Jailbreak Detection API

Dec 07

iOS 4.2 for the iPad has recently been released and some iPad owners noticed that Apple has lowered the power output of the iPad’s 30-pin connector to a mere 20mA, down from 100mA in iOS 3.2. This means that connected devices such as USB Keyboards, USB Flash drivers and Cameras that require power of more than 20mA will no longer work and will give you the message “The connected USB device requires too much power.”. » iOS 4.2 Reduces Power Output to iPad Camera Connection Kit

Dec 06

An Apple reseller in Norway suffered a break-in by two masked men and lost 50 boxes of Apple items. According to the local newspaper the thieves first stole a BMW, drove into the storefront, stole 50 unidentified boxes and left the BMW behind. The thieves where probably planning to get their hands on some iPad’s, given that the device was just released in that country one week ago. » Apple Reseller In Norway Suffered Break-In

Dec 05

9to5mac received an photo from an Apple Store with the message “The white iPhone will be available Spring 2011”. This will end the rumor that Apple killed the white iPhone and confirms that Apple is still working on the white iPhone 4 and will be released next year. See all the best deals on the new iphone 4 at phones4u today. » White iPhone 4 Finally Available Spring 2011?

Dec 02

Apple will never stop, they just posted a new ad about the iPad. They message they try to give us “the iPad is amazing”. From multitasking to AirPlay, the new iOS 4 makes the iPad more versatile than ever.

Nov 30

In the picture after the break you can see the complete history of the Apple iPhone, the specs of the models and some interesting numbers. Check the full Infographic after the break. » iPhone History & Specs Infographic [Pic]

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