Dec 28

pedal-brainIf you ride your bicycle a lot, it may be handy to have an iPhone with the application “Pedal Brain”. The app is said to be more precise than tracking-applications like “Map My Ride” and “Runkeeper Pro”. Pedal Brain reads data from special devices that use the ANT+ protocol. It’s not a cheap solution, because you need the ANT+ sensor AND the Pedal Brain Synapse-holder that can be attached to your bicycle. This is going to cost you something between $130 to $190 and will be available in the bike shop March next year. » “Pedal Brain”: A Cycling Computer, Training Website And Coaching Platform

Dec 26


There are many iPhone stands from various brands, but what about the LEGO brand? You can build a lot of things with Lego and it is also possible to build a stand for the iPhone. The picture shown above shows the iStand and is created by the 11 years old kid Ted Jarvis Ang. He wanted to build a stand that is either simple and elegant as well as useful and functional. The iStand tilts, swivels, has shock-absorbers and is easily reconfigurable. » “iStand”: How To Build A LEGO iPhone Stand

Dec 08

BatteryFor some people the iPhone cable might be too short. When you find a wall-plug it could happen your iPhone is dangling on the cable. This could lead to a fall to the ground, damaging your iPhone. To prevent this there’s a solution: the Wall Dock. » iPhone Wall Dock

Dec 03

500x_iphone_icon_pillowsA few days ago we talked about the iPhone coasters for the real iPhone / Apple fans. Maybe those coasters just arrived at your door and you think ‘something is missing’. Well it’s time to order the iPhone pillows as well. » iPhone Pillows In Different Colors

Nov 29

iPhone-Apps-Coasters-Overview-400x224Is the iPhone not enough? Do you need all kinds of crazy accessories, like this iPhone case? Or would you like to put something on the table to show off you’re an Apple/iPhone fan. At you can get some high quality, very nice looking iPhone icon coasters.

» Nice Looking High Quality iPhone Icon Coasters

Nov 28

It is 22 carat gold, has 190 diamonds, and costs a cool $3.2 million dollars. What is it? It is the most expensive iPhone case ever. Designer Stuart Hughes has done it again. » Golden, Diamond, $3.2 Million iPhone Accessory

Nov 26

image homeEver wanted to be able to start music no matter where you are at home? Imagine this: you come home and you’re walking to the door to enter your house. While you’re walking you take your iPhone and press the play button of the iPod controls. When you enter your house, you suddenly hear the music you just started. But the sound doesn’t come through the iPhone speakers, it comes from your stereo.

» Review: “Voiis” The Wireless Music Gateway For The iPhone

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