Jailbreak only

This is a no nonsense guide to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch.
For this tutorial i’m using iLiberty+.

I’ll show you a exact howto.

1) Download the latest version of iLiberty+ from here.

2) Install the app and run it after the installation.

3) On the opening screen, enable the Jailbreak, Activate, Youtube fix and Cydia.

4) click on Advanced. and then on Available on repo.


5) Click on refresh to load all the app’s (payload) from the REPO.

6) Activate the following.

– Appsupport patch for 1.1.2- 1.1.4

– Bootneuter

– BSD Subsystem

– Fix mobile folder permission

– Installer (very important !! if you don’t select this one, you will only have Cydia to install your apps.)

– International Support for iPhone 1.1.4

– OpenSSH

– Relocate Fonts and Ringtones

7) clik on the download button to prepare your payloads. (this can take quite some time)

8) Now click on local payloads. And select all the options you have there.

9) Now go back to the standard tap.

10) Connect your new or restored iPhone to your PC and wait untill iLiberty+ detects your iPhone. (you will see it when iLiberty ‘s GO FOR IT button lights up and when you see Ready on the lower left of iLiberty+)

11) Click on the Go For IT button. Click ok on the popup and let iLiberty do it’s work.

12) If iLiberty doesn’t succeed in finding your iPhone the first time, don’t panic and just disconnect and reconnect your iPhone again.

13) Now watch the screen of your iPhone. This process should take some minutes, so be patient.

14) Now you can setup iTunes to either restore your backup or create a new profile.

15) The next step is now to add the sources of the apps you’d like to have installed. See our how to add sources page and off course our sources page.

Voila that’s it. Easy he :)

32 Responses to “Jailbreak only”

  1. yande Says:

    i’ve installed this liberty thing into my pc but the first thing how to make my pc detect my iphone?! its 1.1.2 plissss help meeee

  2. Jess Says:

    Is there a iLiberty download for mac?

    Thanks for your time :wink:

  3. Multinova Says:

    Jess, you can find iliberty for mac here .

  4. Joseph Says:

    I am just getting ready to do the installation, Will the Iphonefreakz.com logo remain on my screen indefinetly?

  5. Omar Says:

    i have the tri brand cect A88 (china version) iphone but it doesnt detect anything when i plug it in my computer?? pleasee helppp

  6. Joseph Says:

    Hi, I’ve just bought a 32Gb iTouch 1.1.3 and immediately upgraded to 1.1.4. I’d like to jailbreak it; I think I need to follow your “Jailbreak Only” guide. Does this guide will work ok with my iTouch? Do I need to do all steps? Before JB, should I restore it again to 1.1.4? When connecting the iTouch to my PC, should I do it in a Restoration Mode? Thanks for your responses.

  7. Multinova Says:

    Hi Joseph,

    It’s best that you upgrade to the 1.1.4 and then follow my jailbreak only guide. Yes the jailbreak only guide is made for iPod Touches. There’s no need to put your iPod into restore mode, you should be able to flash it by just pushing the restore button.


  8. Joseph Says:

    Well, finally I could jailbreak my iTouch, I had some troubles but I could correct them, now I have three new icons Cydia, Bootneuter and installer. Thanks for the guide, is really a guide. Now I’ve to figure out what’s next, I’m trying to install DOCS. Again thanks for your help.

  9. debbie Says:

    what do you mean by the following?
    14) Now you can setup iTunes to either restore your backup or create a new profile.

    Am i going to lose everything i have on my phone now? how do i backup with itunes?

  10. edu Says:

    iliberty does not detect my iphone i unplugged it a lot of time is their any problem if the iphone has been activated already

  11. fase Says:

    will this work on a 3G

  12. Jonny Says:

    I keep getting an error message “Access violation at address 1001B45 in module ‘ITUNESMOBILEDEVICE.DLL’. Read of address 00000024.
    Im assuming this does not work for an updated ipod runnin the 2.0 software

  13. Braden Says:

    This will not work with the iPhone 3G. This is for firmware 1.1.4, and the iPhone 3G comes with 2.0 loaded, and you cannot downgrade an iPhone 3G.

  14. Braden Says:

    Nope. iLiberty+ is only for 1.1.4.

  15. DG Says:


  16. Jon Says:

    you must replace the mobileinstallion package and one other thing for them to appear. we wrote about how to do this in one of our guides that you can search for. hope this helps!

  17. stephen Says:


    this liberty doesnt work for my phone i’ve followed the instruction twice and it wont work im bout to throw away iphone

  18. george Says:

    when i get to the recovery screen ,the computer sayes the iphone wont go to recovery mode but i look at the iphone and it actually is on recovery mode the liberty thinks its not

  19. Tom Says:

    So in this instace what would somebody do to get the phone back up?

  20. husayn Says:

    wtf is dis???…i have iphone 3g
    i tried dunno it got formatted and now it restorin.. :???:
    and can any1 noe how to make an account if we dont hav credit card?? :sad:

  21. dan Says:

    hey guys..
    is there 3g phone unlock software?


  22. Cierra Says:

    hey, it wont let me go to the webpage to get the liberty program. is their another link?

  23. constantineeternal Says:

    how do i get my money back for this site and membership?

  24. Laniepi Says:

    I have had the most frustrating experience with this…ugh!! I FINALLY got iLiberty to download. Now, when I click on the refresh on the advanced tab, I get this error message:

    Error on: http://iLiberty.zjlotto.com/repo.plist (10060: )

    Any suggestions?


  25. Laniepi Says:

    I figured it out. In case anyone else happens upon this program, click the link below for solution.



  26. Blakout Says:

    So Jailbreak for 3.1 yet?? 3Gs?? not 3.0.1

  27. broseph Says:

    Error on: http://iLiberty.zjlotto.com/repo.plist (10060: )
    wtf dose this mean?
    do i need something else than itunes 8?

  28. SESHU Says:

    WTF is dis ???

    Error on: http://iLiberty.zjlotto.com/repo.plist (151: Not Found)

  29. Kingmally Says:


    hey guys the guys said he changed the domain.. here is the new site… once u replace it with the original in liberty it will work…

  30. tobin Says:

    MAN! with ALL the probs that people are having I’m not sure i wanna risk throwing away over $200 just to have a couple apps that cost $3.00 each!
    $3.00 or $200 its a no brainer! Seriously it seems that everyone that tries this is having problems whats the advantage unless your one of the 30% who get it to work!! Ppffggg!! BULL!

  31. tobin Says:

    As everyone DOES! Why do you think its made like that cause its not meant to be jailbroken OR unlocked. But if you wanna take the gamble with your hard earned money by all means go right ahead

  32. TJ Says:

    The “Go for it” is still grey.. Everything else worked perfectly, I replaced the repo line with “http://iliberty.insideiphone.com/repo.plist” and it downloaded correctly but it won’t let me click go for it. I keep disconnecting and reconnecting and it still will not allow me to continue. Thanks

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