Adding Sources

How do you add sources to your installer after the initial jailbreak? I will show you step by step how to do this via screenshots.
Make sure you’re WiFi, 3G or EDGE connection is on.

1) Start Installer 4 by tapping its icon.

2) Click on “Sources” once the app has started.

3) Select the “Edit” button and press the “+” symbol.

5) Type a Source (eg
Press “Done” when you’re finished and wait for the source to be refreshed.

Now you will be able to download packages from that repo and any packages they will release in the future.
How to remove a source when it’s no longer working?

1) Open installer, go to sources, select edit.

2) Then press the – sign for the source you would like to remove.
A delete button will show, and so you can delete the source.

Now your done! :)

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    5) Rodzaj źródło
    wpisz – :D

  3. Mohammed Mannan Ansari Says:

    thank you for show us to add the source in iphone & if you can help me for new iphone with 3G service to unlock sim/iphone? please let me know

  4. raghu Says:

    thanx dude

  5. aniket Says:

    m new with phone n i cant figure out to download this appl…………n i even wanted few free applications..but cant find it newhere…plzzz help guys……….

  6. tre1 Says:

    im trying to delete my customize and install it again but i can’t delete it

  7. simf Says:

    please help… :(

    why my 3G and EDGE cannot work ?
    i’m life in indonesia…my simcard is suport 3G…

    my iphone is hardware unlock, i mean, unlock with thin simcard….


  8. Ronald villegas Says:

    hello pls tell me which is better soure

  9. janki Says:

    I added source ..when i install .. it say download package error

  10. Joe Says:

    3.0 jailbreak has no installer only CYDIA. Anyway of installing this app?

  11. hellboy Says:

    i haven’t installer4.So how can i get installer4 plz tell me friiiiiiiiiiiiii

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