Nov 09

A new version of vWallpaper and vRingtones has been released on Cydia for the iPhone 2.x firmware.

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Sep 23

Some time ago I brought you the news that Skrew (danstaface) is working on porting his very popular app vWallpaper to firmware 2.*. I had the privilige to beta test the vwallpaper application and it’s almost ready to be released on a global level. What’s new is that Eric (Skrew) has also started to port […]

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Aug 08

are you a big fan of vWallpaper? well nope it has not yet arrived on 2.0 but its getting close. read on for some estimated release dates.

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Aug 01

Skrew (vWallpaper developer) has updated his blog saying has vWallpaper is up and running on a v.2.0 iPhone 3G. vWallpaper allows you to display a video as your wallpaper. it will also allow you to use a video you have downloaded from mxtube to run as your background.

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Jul 04

Skrew ( updated his vWallpaper application so it supports iPhone video tones. vWallpaper and skrewcommon have 1 problem. You can’t run the apps together with videotones, so you will have to chose between videostone or skrews apps.

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May 26

Skrew released another update to his vWallpaper application. For the people who don’t know what vWallpaper is, it let’s you play video’s on your background springboard. Much like vista dreamscene. What’s new in version 0.9? A great new feature that let’s you add Video repository’s. I’m working on one as we speak, i will hope […]

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May 04

vWallpaper has been updated to version 0.8. For the people who don’t know what vWallpaper is, a brief explanation. vWallpaper is another app of Skrew (author of Jamendo Ringtones) that let’s you play video’s as a wallpaper instead of static wallpapers. The app itself is getting better each day and the latest updates included in […]

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