Jun 25

A new day almost equals updates to Databinge’s popular applications. Hon Cheng has updated his moleskine and TimeCapsule applications for the iPhone to fix some bugs. Moleskine is now on release v0.51b1 and TimeCapsule is v0.42b1. Both updates solve some bugs.

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Jun 21

Databinge released updates to his very populare suite of applications. Moleskine the iPhone notes replacement has got a update to version moleskine v0.50b1, TimeCapsule the populare iPhone backup application is now on version 0.41b1, and last but not least WildEyes for Safari, the populare document viewer is not on release 0.20b1. It seems that Hon Cheng (Databinge.com) is almost updating his apps on a daily basis.

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Jun 11

Hon Cheng released another update to his very popular TimeCapsule application. It’s no on version 0.40b5. the app addresses some minor issues and it also adds some new apps that you can backup.

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Apr 05

We all want to backup our iPhone/iPod Touch sooner or later. Well now we can, with TimeCapsule 0.22b1 The guys from Databinge.be released another very nice app. With TimeCapsule you can backup almost every aspect of you iPhone/iPod Touch. [ad#inblog]

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Oct 11

Many of you surely remember the useful application TimeCapsule developed by hc, the developer who gave life to Moleskine . Well a few hours ago HC released Chronus in Cydia, a timecapsule version that is compatible with the firmware 2.X.

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Jul 23

Hon Cheng is currently very busy with porting of all his popular jailbroken iPhone DataBinge apps (Moleskine, WildEyes for Safari, TimeCapsule) to firmware 2.0.

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Jun 14

I’ve gathered all the latest moves and updates of packages and repos.

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