Sep 04

Ringtone DJ is the first and only app that allows you to make Unlimited ringtones from any song in your iTunes music library. But also you can make your ringtone 100% unique by applying professional DJ sound effects. It is easy to use free application. You can apply additional DJ sound effects: pitch & scratch […]

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Dec 04

Ringostation is a website where you can get ringtones and wallpapers from. It’s a huge collection of all kinds of ringtones. You have to join in order to get those high quality ringtones and beautiful wallpapers.

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Nov 07

The Sony Walkman lost their battle against Apple’s iPod, to become the most popular media player, a long time ago. So it’s time to come with something else. Sony now tries to help Apple a little bit. Instead of having the most popular media player they now try to become the most popular ringtones producer. […]

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Jul 24

Are you searching for ringtones and/or wallpapers, search no longer. We have the perfect link for you. Ringostation has over 750.000 ringtones and more than 10.000 wallpapers ready to be downloaded to your iPhone. This is the most complete ringtone and wallpaper database you can find on the web.

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Nov 09

A new version of vWallpaper and vRingtones has been released on Cydia for the iPhone 2.x firmware.

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Sep 23

Some time ago I brought you the news that Skrew (danstaface) is working on porting his very popular app vWallpaper to firmware 2.*. I had the privilige to beta test the vwallpaper application and it’s almost ready to be released on a global level. What’s new is that Eric (Skrew) has also started to port […]

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Jul 21

iRinger is an application that allows you to edit songs and export them to iTunes to use as iPhone ringtones. It is compatible with firmwares 1.1.2 and up, including 2.0 and iTunes 7.7.

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