Aug 16

Moleskine the populare iPhone Jailbreak app has found it’s way onto the app store. The application hasn’t changed much expect for a hefty price tag.

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Jun 25

A new day almost equals updates to Databinge’s popular applications. Hon Cheng has updated his moleskine and TimeCapsule applications for the iPhone to fix some bugs. Moleskine is now on release v0.51b1 and TimeCapsule is v0.42b1. Both updates solve some bugs.

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Jun 21

Databinge released updates to his very populare suite of applications. Moleskine the iPhone notes replacement has got a update to version moleskine v0.50b1, TimeCapsule the populare iPhone backup application is now on version 0.41b1, and last but not least WildEyes for Safari, the populare document viewer is not on release 0.20b1. It seems that Hon Cheng ( is almost updating his apps on a daily basis.

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Jun 09

Moleskine v0.48b1 add’s some little features. But as it has been quite some times since i reviewed this app, i decided to make post some developer video’s on how the app works.

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May 10

moleskine got another update today. We’re at version 0.43b1 now. I don’t see any graphical changes so i’ll post the official notes and a link to my previous screenshots This release fine-tunes existing functions. Users have commented that: * Accelerometer function is too sensitive * The font size slider bar position causes users to press […]

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May 08

Moleskine has received another update to version 0.41b2. Changes: import notes from iPhone/iPod default a slider in the text editting page to change font size Tilt back in browsing view to toggle full vilew Tilt back in editting view to toggle full view Tilt to the side in full editting mode to toggle auto-capitalization

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May 05

Yesterday i posted some information regarding a new theme for Moleskine, you can read all about it here and here. Today Databinge has again created new themes for using in Moleskine. The 2 new themes are called Apixel abstract and apixel textures. I’ll give you a quick look on where to find both themes and […]

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