Sep 21

Intelliborn released an updated version of IntelliScreen. Intelliscreen 2.1 is now compatible with the iPhone firmware 2.1. The latest version has been improved, like bugfixes and a better performance. IntelliScreen customizes your “Slide to Unlock” screen allowing you to load widgets onto that otherwise unused space. Options include listing calendar events, mail subjects, SMS messages, weather reports and RSS news feeds.

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Aug 04

IntelliScreen 2.0 has been released through cydia! to make sure you can get, it go under changes and click refresh. more info after the break.

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Aug 02

Intelliborn has updated their site saying they are currently porting their IntelliScreen app to 2.0. they have announced a (hopeful) beta release on August the 10th. to view a complete list of features read on.

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Jun 29

IntelliBorn released it’s almost daily updates of IntelliScreen. Intelliscreen 1.08 is a iPhone today (slide to unlock) screen replacement. This version 1.08 simply adds some bugfixes but no new features. Check the main site for detailed changelog.

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Jun 28

IntelliBorn updated intelliScreen to version 1.07 today. This release mainly fixes som bugs that users where having. It adds no special new features. The bugfixes include changes to IntelliDial, SMS Privacy, german Language and a unlock fix.

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Jun 26

IntelliBorn released an update to their popular iPhone/iPod touch today screen replacement. IntelliScreen 1.06b add’s quite some new features and is beginning to become a competitor of Kate. Some of the new features include: IntelliDial, SMS Privacy, IntelliAlert and a lot more. Click the link for more information.

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Jun 05

Intelliborn released a major update to their very popular intelliscreen application. To read up on all the changes visit the site..

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