Feb 27

iControlPad is an Gamepad Accessory for your jailbroken iDevice “that’s right only for jailbroken devices”. It is not sure if they will create a App Store version of this gamepad, but I guess not, because the iControlPad is ideal for emulators (which the App Store doesn’t have).

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Aug 27

IControlPad, the hardware add-on that will turn your iPhone into a full featured gaming control pad has updated their blog with a new picture of the iPhone+ iControlPad device running Quake.

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Jul 28

Updated information over the iControlPad. The iControlPad is a hardware extention that will make playing games much more enjoyable on your iPhone or iPod Touch

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Jun 05

I already brought you the news of the iControlPad. The hardware mod that will transform your iPhone or iPod touch to a full blown portable game station. Today the developers released the first rendered screens of the device and gave some extra answers to everybody’s questions.

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May 30

A couple of days ago we brought you the news regarding the soon to be released iControlPad or the PSP-like iphone controller :) The developer has released a short video where he shows us the communication between the controlpad and the iPhone. The developer also informed us that the final device will be much more […]

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May 24

ZodTTD, the creator of all those super emulators announced that CraigX (one of the creators of the Pandora Project) has been working on a joystick (control-pad) to play those loved emulator games. I’m personally a big fan of all of ZodTTD’s work, but playing a action game with the on-screen controls is not what i […]

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Sep 03

Belkin responded to the so called joypod they are developing. It turns out to be completely false. So our only option remains the iControlPad for now.

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