Aug 28

CyberSaurus 3D has been made available for the App Store. some minor changes have been made compared to the previous Installer version.

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Jun 17

CyberSaurus got a new update today. Its now on version 1.12. The biggest change compared to previous versions is the added accelerometer support. Personally i think the game plays better now.

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Jun 13

CyberSaurus is a new 3D game developed by DarXun. The game is a mix between a 3D shooter and a adventure game. It has 11 full 3D levels and does look mighty fine. the game offers 6 planets (11 3D maps), 3D audio engine, full 3D animations, 3D engine with very cool light effects and […]

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Jul 17

3DZapMan is a new iPhone game released in the installer. It’s a clone of PACMAN but in a 3D landscape and has been developed by DARXUN, who also created CyberSaurus.

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