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We’re going to take a look at some of Apple’s biggest moments with help of some pictures throughout the years. While they started in a garage, the company has managed to grow to become one of the largest in the entire world. They sell more than computers now, but by looking at their evolution over the years, it’s easy to see why there’s a cult of Mac and people love their iPhones.

Apple II
One of the very first computers that Apple came out with – and one of their most popular for many years – was the Apple II. This computer was designed to have the keyboard built in, which was rather new in that time period. It became a big hit with schools and academic institutions.


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Apple Macintosh
The next big reveal from Apple was the Macintosh computer, which again set Apple apart from all the other computer companies that existed. The simple design was ergonomic and the actual hardware was fast and powerful for its day and age. These are just two of the reasons people went gaga over the Macintosh in 1984.


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Apple iPod
Eventually, after Apple let go Steve Jobs – the man who had founded the company – things began to get bad for them. This went on for a while until they finally convinced Jobs to come back and save his company. One of the first things he did after coming back was to come up with the iPod and the Apple music store. These two things really helped the company turn around and start to become a powerhouse again.


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Apple MacBook
The original Macintosh was great, but in later years people wanted true portability. This is when the MacBook was born. The first versions were a bit bulky and clunky, but over the years the design became more streamlined. In many ways, Apple laptops were years ahead of the competition. They would go on to produce many other laptops, but most would keep the MacBook name for one reason or another.


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Apple iPhone
Just when you thought Apple could never manage to top the iPod, they came out with something revolutionary – the first smartphone called the iPhone. Not many people had this kind of phone back in 2007, but over the years it’s become a favorite of people all over the world. The mobile device has changed quite a bit since 2007, but it’s still considered innovative in many different ways.


Apple in the Future
Computers have become very complex systems. This is one reason so many companies rely on managed IT support to keep their company moving forward. Apple has made it easier for a lot of people. Even though their hardware is typically more expensive, they’ve started to give away updates to their Operating System, a game changer that caused Windows to follow suit.


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