Sep 05

Samsung has announced its Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, a wearable device called the Galaxy Gear. The GALAXY Gear features a 1.63-inch 320 x 320 resolution AMOLED touchscreen, built-in speakers, and a 1.9-megapixel camera in the strap. It has an 800MHz processor, 4GB of storage, and 512MB of RAM.

The Galaxy Gear comes with voice control with S and is designed as a companion for the newly introduced Galaxy Note 3 and new Note 10.1. It is not a stand-alone device and requires a Bluetooth 4.0 connection to work, and is not compatible with older Galaxy phones “Note 3 and Note 10.1 come with Android 4.3”. The Galaxy Gear support 70 third-party applications at launch including Evernote, Path, RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal.

It includes a 315 mAh battery that “only” provides up to one day of regular use. The Galaxy Gear will be available in six different colors, including Jet Black, Mocha Gray, Wild Orange, Oatmeal Beige, Rose Gold, and Lime Green and will cost $299, which will be launched alongside the Galaxy Note 3 in 140 countries beginning on September 25.

Source [MacRumors]


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One Response to “Samsung Unveils $299 Galaxy Gear Smart Watch”

  1. Todd Says:

    It’s not even going to work with Latest Galaxy S4. Only lasted a day battery and cost almost the same as phone. Also, by putting camera in the strap. It’s a cool idea, but it will break easily.

    I’m sorry to said, Samsung SMART WATCH is a BUST!!!!. I guess will have to wait till S.W. 3 or 4 edition kind of like Galaxy S phone.

    I hope Apple Smart Watch will be more SMART than what Samsung have to offer.

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