Jun 26

G4Games points to a photo posted to Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo that allegedly shows display assemblies from the iPhone 5S. In the photo above you see the iPhone 5s display photographed on a production line. MacRumors explains “The photo is relatively small, but the resolution is good enough that the redesigned flex cable connectors on the iPhone 5S part can be seen. On the iPhone 5, the two connectors supporting the display itself and the touch digitizer are both oriented horizontally, while on the iPhone 5S one is oriented vertically and the other horizontally.

The report suggests mass production of the display assemblies already being underway, a public launch is expected around the September timeframe alongside the release of iOS 7.

More and more photos of “leaked” iPhone 5s part begind to show up, till now these photos showed a new A-series chip, a larger capacity battery, and an updated rear camera system with dual-LED flash.

Source [MacRumors]

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