Jun 10

Apple has announced the new MacBook Air at the WWDC 2013 keynote. The MacBook Air has received the so called Haswell processors and also made some big improvements on battery life. As a cool surprise Phil showed a sneak peak of the all new Mac Pro.

MacBook Air

Phil Schiller took the stage to announce an update for the MacBook Air. He said it is “the ultimate everyday notebook”. The MacBook Air gets the Haswell processor. The 4th generation Intel Core processors. This makes the Air the fastest generation so far. Graphics are 40% faster and battery is greatly improved. 

With the previous MacBook Air the 11-inch version lasted 5 hours on a single charge, while the 13-inch version lasted 7 hours. With the new Haswell processors battery life increases significantly. The 11-inch MacBook Air now lasts up to 9 hours, while the 13-inch version lasts 12 hours straight.

Furthermore, the new MacBook Airs have 802.11ac faster Wi-Fi networking (3x faster than 802.11n). Apple also introduced new AirPort Base Stations with all-new designs. 4″ square but 6″ high with larger antennas. They also introduced new AirPort Time Capsules with beamforming antenna array and 2TB and 3TB options. 

The new MacBook Air 11″ starts at $999 for 128GB flash storage. The 13″ at 128GB starts at $1099, that’s $100 off. Shipping today.

Mac Pro Sneak Peak

This is what Phil said: “Our most advanced users want to get their hands on the fastest most expandable Mac we make. Spent quite a bit of time thinking about the future of the pro desktop. New capabilities for the next 10 years. Truly revolutionary and truly radical. So cool, we’re gonna go a little over the top and give it a grand introduction.”

The new Mac Pro features a totally new cylindrical design. The new generation Intel Xeon processor, graphics and memory are inside. It had double the CPU performance of the previous generation. There’s super fast 1766MHz DDR3, 60GBps bandwidth memory. Flash internal storage. New Flash PCIe-based. 1.25GBps read, 1.0GBps write. 10x faster than any hard drive put in a Mac Pro. 

All expansion is external.The new Mac Pro usses the next generation Thunderbolt: Thunderbolt 2, 20Gbps throughput, 6 devices per port, backwards compatible. Two times the speed of industry leading Thunderbolt 1. 

Graphics: First Mac ever to include dual workstation GPUs. AMD FirePro Graphics. 528GBps total bandwidth. 7 teraflops over OpenCL. Supports 4K displays. Multiple streams. 3 4K displays on built-in dual workstation graphics.

Ports: Audio, 4 USB 3.0 ports, 6 Thunderbolt 2 ports, Gigabit ethernet, HDMI out, and motion sensor that lights up the back panel when its turned. Final Cut Pro X will support performance and graphics capabilities of the new machine. It contains so much power, yet it’s only 1/8th the volume of the old generation Mac Pro. 

The new Mac Pro is assembled in the USA. Coming later this year.

More information on Apples website

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