May 29

When you leave your house you no doubt now take your smartphone out with you wherever you go. This is because they are not only useful for getting in touch with people but they also allow you to do so much more. However not many years ago none of this was possible as smartphones were not widespread, this all changed when the first iPhone was put on the market. Despite the fact that other companies had tried to sell smartphones before none had really got the attention of the mass public, the iPhone however did for many reasons. For people who knew about the technology inside they could see that the phones were very powerful, but for everyone else they could tell when they first started using them that they were intuitive to use.

This has since lead to the iPhone being a household name and taking up nearly 50% of the smartphone market by itself, in order to do this Apple have released a upgraded model each year with better specs and sometimes an upgraded OS too and this will be no different this year. One thing that this extra power has allowed the iPhone to do is play games and this has become a major selling point for many people who are looking for a phone to keep them entertained. The games range from simple puzzle games to more complicated RPGs that have massive worlds and great stories. But for people looking for incredibly fun games without the need to download them should look no further than their inbuilt browser as there are many sites such as who have made sites just for smartphones. These great games will only be improved by the extra power within the new iPhone however the current games are also great to play so you should check them out.

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