Feb 19

The SIMPLcase is a new kickstarter project that is specially made for people that travel abroad a lot. This case is ultra thin, just 3mm in the center, 1mm at the edges and can store three extra SIM cards and has a SIM tray eject tool to switch your SIM with local SIM cards when traveling abroad.

We call it the SIMPLcaseā„¢ and it allows the iPhone SIM tray eject tool, as well as up to three SIM cards to be discreetly and securely carried inside the case. With the SIMPLcase, you’ll always have the right tool (we provide one with every case) and a secure place to store your SIM cards.

The case can also be used as a landscape and portrait stand using any standard bank card, creditcard, etc.

For more information, check out the Kickstarter project here.

Source [iDB]

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