Feb 16

iMore has been very accurate in recent years, releasing Apple product information and launch dates. Now iMore wrote that it got information from sources saying that Apple is indeed working on an iWatch, a Bigger iPhone, a Less Expensive iPhone, iTV and a Retina iPad Mini. Although he doesn’t know anything about the specs and release date yet, it does give an important look into what Apple could be planning for the rest of 2013.

According to the sources of iMore, the iWatch project is moving forward, though he has not heard anything regarding feature sets or timelines. The same goes for the a new iTV, Apple is working on it but there is no significant movement. They also confirm that an iPhone with a larger screen and an less expensive iPhone are in the making, but release “doesn’t sound imminent”.

iMore also talks about a redesigned iPad to match the iPad mini design:

To bring the full-sized iPad casing in line with the iPad mini’s, and to bring the iPad mini display up to the full size iPad’s Retina quality, will take improvements to the efficiencies of the screens, the LED that lights them, the chipsets that drive them, and the batteries that power them. All of those are coming, it’s just a question of when they get here.

iMore also said that the iPad Mini with Retina Display is coming, but ” it’s just a question of when they get here”.

Check out the full report of iMore here.

Source [iMore via MacRumors]

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