Dec 29

iMore wrote that New York City mayer Michael Bloomberg blamed the iPad and iPhone for a slight elevation in the crime rate during his Friday morning radio address. Marc La Vorgna, the mayor’s press secretary, said: “If you just took away the jump in Apple, we’d be down for the year.” Bloomberg advised listeners to keep their Apple devices in a pocket in sort of a more body-fitting, tighter clothes.

Put it in a pocket in sort of a more body-fitting, tighter clothes, that you can feel if it was — if somebody put their hand in your pocket, not just an outside coat pocket.

The New York Times wrote down some numbers. When taking a closer look at these numbers it shows that, if their would have been zero Apple related crimes, crimes would actually be down compared to last year:

As of Monday, the Police Department recorded 3,484 more major crimes in 2012 than for the same period last year. The increase in Apple product thefts: 3,890.

Through Monday, the city had recorded 108,432 major crimes for the year, up from 104,948 over the same period in 2011, a rise of 3.3 percent.

Source [iMore and NYT]

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