Dec 27

During the new year in Japan, Apple will join the Fukubukuro, or “mystery bag” event on January 2th, when retailers will sell a grab bag that is filled with a random assortment of products sold at a steep discount. Apple has participated in this tradition for several years and sells their “Lucky Bags” for 33,000 yen or $390. Most of the times the bags include items like iPods, headphones, and t-shirts, however in previous years some lucky buyers received items like MacBook Airs or iPads, which have made Lucky Bags ultra popular in Japan.

The bags have been quick sellers in previous years, when people waited in line the night before in order to get their hands on a bag.

Tech in Asia reports: Unfortunately, you’ll have to get in line very early if want one of these Lucky Bags. People typically begin lining up at the Apple store on the night before, so if you show up in the morning, and still manage to secure a bag — well, consider yourself lucky. I tried a couple of years ago, but walked away disappointed.

Unfortunately the “Lucky Bags” are limited to Japanese customers only, since it is a Japanese tradition. So if you are in Japan right now, take your change and purchase one of these lucky bags.

Source [MacRumors]

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