Nov 28

The new iPhone 5 has cemented its place on our shelves already as one of the best monthly contract phones amid a public clamour to see just how the new generation of Apple’s mobile phones has evolved.  Apple has become renowned for technological innovation, and will be remembered as one of the iconic companies of our times due to its relentless pushing of boundaries – but we must sometimes remember that not all innovation needs to be or can be revolutionary.

The iPhone 5 excels in simple modifications and useful new technologies incorporated into the phone and shouldn’t be judged on what might be considered new and revolutionary.  The new iPhone has made an understated leap to new functional highs with, most notably, an extended battery life, a larger screen, 4G connectivity and a faster processor.

The iPhone lagged behind its larger screened competitors for a long time using only a 3.5 inch screen to showcase its formidable prowess.  This gave it an inherent usability for the iPhone’s primary function – as mobile phones.  It could be easily gripped and navigated in one hand, leaving the more laptop related business to the iPad and tablet world; a logical move. 

Nevertheless the iPhone seemed to need a marginally bigger screen, and 4 inches seems just about right where mobile phones are concerned.  It can now feature wide screen films and is great for games, as well as retaining its core purpose as a phone.

The all-round design secures the iPhone’s place as probably the best looking of all the mobile phones on the market.  The new iPhone is thinner and lighter, yet it still exudes the kind of robust build quality that is missing in many of its competitors. – where the old phone was 140 grams, the new one is 112 grams.

The new A6 processor and a battery offering 25 hours more standby time than the iPhone 4S make the iPhone 5 a worthy and brilliant successor. 

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