Nov 04

MuscleNerd tweeted the above screen shot of him gaining root access to the new tablet, showing that he has a jailbroken iPad Mini. MuscleNerd said that he used the same “failbreak” method Chpwn used to jailbreak the iPhone 5 to exploit the mini, unfortunately “failbreak” is a term used for jailbreaking methods that can not be released to public.

However this does mean MuscleNerd is working on a jailbreak for the iPad Mini, we just have to wait a little bit longer. Hackers also have multiple exploits for devices on iOS 6 so it is just a matter of time before they will release a jailbreak for the iPad Mini or iPhone 5.

Via [iDB]

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  1. soudrug Says:

    Does someone know what’s the console app on the screenshot?

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