Sep 24

2,000 workers at Foxconn’s Taiyuan plant “which processed the back casing of the iPhone 5” have started a riot in the wee hours in China, and that police forces are on site to control the crowd. An unofficial report is claiming the “2,000-people” riot was triggered by security guards hitting a worker at 10pm local time. However,¬†Foxconn has told Reuters that there was “a fight among workers from different production lines,” but the company’s spokesperson said they’re “still investigating the cause of the fight and the number of people involved.” The Next Web reports that roughly 40 individuals were taken to the hospital, but that there were no deaths. More after the break.

CNET: “Back in March, the head of human resources at the Taiyuan factory reportedly told a South Korean newspaper that Foxconn had “just got[ten] the order” for the iPhone 5. That was just a few weeks after a reported strike involving hundreds of workers over a pay dispute at the Taiyuan plant.

Foxconn told CNET that while it had shut down its Taiyuan factory due to the riot, the facility would resume production tomorrow.

Source [EnGadget]

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