Sep 09

Yesterday we showed you that Apple is decorating the front of the Yerba Buena center in preparation for their September 12th media event. If you take a look at the banner above it looks nothing more than a nice design, but one MacRumors forum visitor believes the facade show stretched iOS icons. He believes that you can see stretched versions of iOS icons including Game Center, iTunes, Music and App Store in the image and Macrumors created a shrinked down version of Apple’s banner where you can see clearly recognizable iOS icons.

Check out after the break for more information about Apple’s Yerba Buena Center banner.

In the shrinked down version above you can see Game Center (upside down above), iTunes and Music icons.

Now you may think “what is the big deal?”, but rumors say that the iPhone 5 will get a taller 4-inch diagonal screen and this banner is possibly hinting at a taller iPhone 5. Below you see an other picture created by an Macrumors forum user.

Source [Macrumors]

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