Aug 12

In Hong Kong there is one big Apple Store which is massive and got a gigantic glass display that spans across six lanes of the street below and includes a massive staircase in the center of the store. Now someone who is in the know of the shopping complex’s plans said that Hysan Place will be the location for Hong Kong’s second Apple Store.

Hysan Place is the newest shopping complex in Hong Kong, and it just opened up Saturday to the public. The shopping complex is full except for one vacant store front, and as you can see in the gallery below, it looks like a nice spot for an Apple Store. Our source also added that the inside of where the store is set to be placed is a lot of glass and wide open space which are also telltale signs of an Apple Store.

In all its secrecy, Apple looks to be masking the store front with a fake store of some sort. The location is also blacked out on the store directory, while other stores aren’t. With this location being the only vacant one in entire shopping complex, it looks to be the perfect spot. You’ll also notice the two story design, which would make for a very good-looking store that can handle a lot of traffic.

Source [9to5mac]


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