Jul 13

9to5mac noted that a Russian developer has published a method of obtaining in-app purchases from iOS apps for free. “First noticed by Russian blog i-ekb.ru, the “in-app proxy”method does not require a jailbreak, can be completed by novices in three steps using just an iOS device, and allows users to install in-app content for free.” The Russian developer ZonD80 uploaded a video “check above” on YouTube where you can see a demonstration of the hack.

This is demo of in-app proxy. This project allows you to buy in-app content for free. Why you must to pay for content, already included in purchased app? I think, you must not.

Key features:
– requires no jailbreak
– iOS version independent
– setup in 3 steps
– allows you to buy something on protected apps (not all for now)

Macrumors noted that: “Aside from the obvious impact that the hack involves theft of content from developers, the method also poses risks to those using the hack, as some of their own information is transmitted to the hacker’s servers during the purchasing process. For both of those reasons, users are strongly advised not to pursue the method. “

Source [9to5mac & macrumors]

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