May 22


Above you can see a report with details about Apple’s investment in equipment and machinery, showing a record high last quarter, which indicates the company is certainly up to something.

According to Asymco, Apple’s financial reports hint at even more future investments. The Cupertino, Calif.-based Company spent $1.3 billion in the last quarter, with another $2.5 billion needed over the next two quarters.

So what is Apple doing, are we up to a big surprise? We just told you about the new iPhone Panel and Camera, but that doesnt seem like that big of an investment. However, rumors are saying that Apple is planning big updated in its notebook and desktop lineup, it is expected that Macs will get a Retina display which may explain Apple investment.

It can only be a possitive thing for us when Apple is investing money, maybe there will be a big surprise for us. Liquid Metal, iTV… at this point we can only guess.

Source [9to5mac]

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