May 02

Did you ever think you could make beautiful slow motion video right from your phone? SloPro makes this incredibly simple and fun to do! SloPro is the only app that allows you to capture 60FPS video on your iPhone 4S, allowing you to create stunning slow motion videos.

 What does this mean? Normal video is recorded at 30 frames per second (fps), so when you slow it down it looks choppy. With an iPhone 4S + SloPro, your video is recorded at 60fps so when you slow it down it looks nice and smooth, like what you see in the movies.

– Toggle slow motion while recording!
– Trim and change slow motion afterwards if needed
– No rendering delay–watch slow motion immediately!
– Facebook upload
– YouTube upload
– Upgrade to email, export to camera roll, and export raw 60fps

Source [FSM]

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