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What do the games 8bit Ninja, Cordy Sky and Lorax have in common? Well, they’re free games and a lot of fun to play. I made gameplay videos of those games and would like to share those with you. There’s also a very popular bonus game included. More after the break.

8bit Ninja Gameplay Video (App Store, Free)

8bit Ninja is a 8-bit game that looks retro, but feels modern. Use the touchscreen to ditch falling fruits and use weapons to destroy fruits. Try to get a score as high as possible. The gameplay video below gives a good impression of the game.

Cordy Sky Gameplay Video (App Store, Free)

In Cordy Sky you have to get has high as possible, collecting coins on the way up. The more coins the higher the score. The game is beautifully crafted in 3D and promises a lot of fun. Get an idea of the gameplay of the game in the video below.

Lorax Gameplay Video (App Store, Free)

Help Pip the Bar-ba-loot get the precious marshmallows in The Lorax’s ‘Marshmallow Munch’ puzzle game. Although some levels might be challenging, the 40 levels you get will be finished in no time. Watch the first 10 levels in the gameplay video below. 

Paper Monsters Gameplay Video (App Store, Free today only (normally €2,39 / $2,99))

Papper Monsters is a 3D game made of paper. The levels and gameplay look and feel like you’re playing a Mario game. Trust me, that’s a positive thing. Jump on enemies, collect buttons and paperclips and use your cute character’s under water and flying powerups. But first, have some fun with the gameplay video below!!! 

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