Apr 15

 The very popular PC game, Max Payne, has been released on iOS a few days ago. Anno 2012, the game can not really been compared with today’s games since the graphics have greatly improved over the years. Still Max Payne seems to be able to grab your attention due to the mysterious story and easy gameplay controls. The most famous part of the Max Payne games is the bullet time ability. The mobile version of the game, that can now be played on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, has everything the original PC game has as well (including bullet time ofcourse). 

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It is amazing to see such a game arrive in the App Store, but it must be said. The game doesn’t play as well as the PC version. The touchscreen of the iPhone and iPad is cutting edge ofcourse, but the game controls are more difficult to control on such a touchscreen. The game plays much better with a mouse and a keyboard, but Max Payne Mobile can also use some optimization. Still I’ve had a lot of fun playing the game, the past couple of days. I made a gameplay video (12 minutes long) of the first few chapters of part 1 of the game and posted it below. Have fun.

Max Payne, Universal, €2,39 / $2,99

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