Feb 21

MICGadget created a roundup post about the iPad 3 rumors and posted these interesting side by side photos of the iPad 2 casing and what is believed to be the new iPad 3 back.

Seen on top of each other, the iPad 3 does appear to have a more gradual taper to the edges than the iPad 2. The difference in size, however, is said to be minimal but seems exaggerated in this shot above due to the staggered positioning of the casings. The next shot shows that the difference in thickness is only 1-1.5mm, with the iPad 3 enclosure being slightly thicker than the iPad 2.


MICGadget confirms that the iPad 3 camera lens hole is larger, which makes it look like there will be an improvement in the camera quality, but they are not sure whether or not it will include a 8 Megapixel camera.

Source [macrumors]

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