Feb 03

Apple Germany Removed iPhone
Businessweek reported that Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. won a second German patent ruling against Apple Inc. over its iCloud service allowing the company to block sales of devices with access to it.

The Mannheim Regional Court found Apple infringed a patent used to synchronize e-mail accounts. The ruling also allows Motorola Mobility to ask Apple for information about past sales and holds Apple liable for damages, Presiding Judge Andreas Voss said in delivering the ruling. “The court has come to the conclusion that the wording of the patent does cover functioning that were at issue here,” said Voss. Apple “was not able to convince the court that it is not infringing.”

Motorola Mobility, the mobile-phone maker being acquired by Google Inc. has filed multiple suits against Apple in Germany and already won a first injunction against Apple in December over claims Apple infringed one of its cellular-communications patents.

We do not know why but the iPhone 4S, Apples current flagship device, remains on sale at the German Online Apple Store.

Source [Businessweek via 9to5mac]

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