Dec 15

CydiaBlog posted something interesting they found on the TVC Mall website. They found parts for the iPad 3 which is rumored to be released in the first months of 2012. In the picture above you can see a replacement part for the microphone on the iPad 3, and it is interesting to see that there are some pretty major changes compared to the iPad 2 microphone part. “The new part, when compared with iPad 2, shows a different arrangement in internal circuitry, hinting a major re-design. The tail end of the part makes a “U-turn”, whereas the iPad 2s Microphone Mic Flex Cable makes almost 90-degree turn both ways. Except for few details, the leaked part so far doesn’t offer a tantalizing tease.”

The new design of these iPad parts does make sense since it is rumored that the iPad 3 will get a higher res display and thicker form-factor. Other rumors are that the iPad 3 will get a dual-mode wireless chip for both CDMA and GSM, Apples A6 processor, and more RAM.

Source [9to5mac]

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