Oct 18

The korean website Korea Times has spoken to sources who know more about the next gen iPhone. According to these sources the new iPhone will include a A6 quad-core mobile processor. With all the lawsuits between Apple and Samsung you may expact they are not the best friends, but the A6 processor will also be made by Samsung.

Apple has been in talks with Samsung over shipment of its A6 quad-core mobile processor (AP) chips to be used in the next iPhone. It appears that Apple clearly has concluded that Samsung remains a critical business partner, an executive from an Apple parts supplier based in Korea said on condition of anonymity.

He said that Samsung has been increasing the output of the Apple-designed A6 chips in its manufacturing plant in Austin, Texas.

The apparent shift back to Samsung for the A6 is said to be tied to TSMC having issues with its production process.

The manufacturing process at TSMC has not been stabilized. Considering Apples previous patterns of adopting qualified technologies, Apple is not taking risks. Samsung offers better pricing and capacity commitment for the A6 mobile APs,” said an official from a different Apple supplier.

Source [Macrumors]

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