Oct 07

Just a quick note to inform you that JailbreakMe.com got a new, unknown owner. According to Comex and the Dev Team there is a change that this website will now contain hack or malware. According to MuscleNerd all the web-based JBs will be at jailbreaks.me now. So do not use JailbreakMe.com anymore and wait till Comex or the Dev Team will announce the start of Jailbreaks.me.

Source [FSM]

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2 Responses to “JailbreakMe.com Will Be Jailbreaks.me: Do Not Use JailbreakMe.com Anymore! [jailbreak]”

  1. Nick Says:

    According to another site the new owner of jailbreakme.com is jay Freeman (saurik) so no worries it’s not going anywhere and its not malware

  2. Chris Eissens Says:

    Thanks, I have created a new post to inform the readers Jailbreakme.com is safe to use.

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