Sep 24

Yesterday Amazon announced an invitation-only special event to be held in New York city on September 28, a Wednesday. No details beyond that, but it is most likely that they will announce the low-cost Amazon tablet. It is a 7-inch tablet which will cost around $250 running Android. I doubt this will be real iPad compitition, but who knows… maybe they come with a big surprice.

Simply put: it looks nothing like the Android you’re used to seeing.

The interface is all Amazon and Kindle. It is black, dark blue, and a bunch of orange. The main screen is a carousel that looks like Cover Flow in iTunes which displays all the content you have on the device. This includes books, apps, movies, etc.

But the key for Amazon is just how deeply integrated all of their services are. Amazons content store is always just one click away. The book reader is a Kindle app (which looks similar to how it does on Android and iOS now). The music player is Amazons Cloud Player. The movie player is Amazons Instant Video player. The app store is Amazons Android Appstore.

Source [macrumors]

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