Sep 17

Sphero robotic ball remote iphone
We have talked a lot about the AR.Drone quadricopter, which is a remotely controlled quadricopter by an app on the iPhone. Now a new interesting remote device for the iPhone will hit the market soon, the Sphero. The Sphero is the forst robotic ball that you control with a tilt, or touch on your smarthphone. It even comes with multiple games/apps that you can download for iOS and Android.

The Sphero is roughly the size of a baseball, Sphero fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It is big enough to navigate the terrain of a typical living room floor, small enough to carry in your jacket pocket. It comes with handy applications, it also comes with a cool charger that requires no wires and there’s nothing to plug in. Just set Sphero in the charger and the rest is automatic.

A extra cool feature is that the Sphero change color to suit your mood, create a team color, or to tell yours apart using the onscreen color picker. Built-in LED lights can create literally thousands of colors.

It works with bleutooth and is compatible with iOS and Android and will be available later this year for $129.99.

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