Sep 12

The Global Appeal of Angry Birds [infographic] 2
As we continue to work through our Angry Birds addiction, this playful infographic offers some consolation. We are not alone in our attraction to flinging the flying fowl, but would like some answers, and this infographic is happy to oblige. Angry Birds already got more than 300Million downloads and continues growing, and it gets played 200Million minutes everyday. Angry Birds is created by the company Rovio and is reported to be valued at more than 1 billion dollar. You can check the full infographic after the break.

The Global Appeal of Angry Birds [infographic]

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One Response to “The Global Appeal Of Angry Birds [infographic]”

  1. Bob Says:

    I’m sure everyone can relate to this infographic as almost everybody have already played this game even once in their life. And yes, unfortunately there is no cure for this addiction. Unless you are brave enough to delete this game from your device.

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