Aug 14

Veteran iOS developers Origin8 are happy to announce that their B-movie side-scrolling smash em Robot Rampage is coming to the big screen with the release of a dedicated iPad HD version on 13th August. Additionally, a major content update to the original game is now live incorporating a slew of new features. Over a third of a million existing Robot Rampage players will receive Retina support, enhancements and new game modes absolutely free, with new robots and environments available as in-app purchases.

The game:

Take control of an atomic robot invader to stomp, burn and nuke your way across endless randomly generated city levels. Carve a path of carnage through the fully destructible scenery. The pathetic human military will oppose you – how far can YOU rampage?

New features:

– Retina display support on compatible iPhones and iPod Touches (non-HD version only).
– Improved Rampage mode with new pickups: Laser, Speed and Atomic boosts.
– New Countdown mode: destroy each block before time runs out, or be destroyed yourself for your failure!
– New Air Assault mode: fend off puny human flying machines for as long as you can!
– Openfeint and Game Center leaderboards and achievements.
– New robot and environment packs available as $0.99 in-app purchases: trash NeoCity with RoboZilla, or be King of the Jungle with RoboKong. RoboZilla gets a 5% boost to fire breath, while RoboKong charges atomic power 5% faster. Mix and match robots and environments to your taste!

You can download Robot rampage in the App Store for just $0,99, or the HD version for just $1,99.

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