Aug 05

The popular mobile games company Com2uS is proud to present IZSoft gold nugget of a game, Gold Jumper. Travel back to the heyday of the Wild West (a bit updated and recreated in glossy graphics) where brave pioneers did what they had to do to survive, even raid rivals gold mines. Your wily Western friend has asked you to help him steal the wealthy Gates family auras treasures, letting you know you can keep the extras you find along the way. You are a master of mines, a top-level tapper, a puzzle race prodigy: of course you will help!

With one tap and perfect timing, you fling, bounce, and jump your gold bag to the goal using tricky obstacles and fast-moving mine carts. Watch out for the clock because these sneaky missions are timed! Try to earn a gold medal instead of silver or bronze on each of the 40 levels in Gold Jumper. Use tilt control at the end of each level set to avoid cacti and other surprising objects as you escape to the next mine. Gold and riches and entertainment await on Com2uS Western frontier in Gold Jumper for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store.

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