Aug 02

The last rumors claimed the iPhone 5 will be launched in “late” September, but the last rumor by allthingsd claims it will be launched in October instead. Earlier Gizmodo reported that the iPhone 5 will be launched at the end or September but according to allthings, a source familiar with Apples plans said “I do not know why AT&Ts calling for all hands on deck those weeks, but it is not for an iPhone launch”. “October” the source said, while declining to offer a hard-launch date. Other sources said it will be later in the month, rather than earlier.

The source offered no details on the devices design, but supply-chain chatter has previously indicated that the iPhone 5 will use the faster A5 processor on which the iPad 2 runs, a Qualcomm dual mode GSM/CDMA baseband, and a higher resolution eight-megapixel rear camera.

With all the different rumors about the launch date of the iPhone 5, I cant say when it will be launched for real. Lets just hope for the best.

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